resssssssProject team was in London and Oxford on 6-8 June 2016 for various study visits. At first hand, the team gathered information from the project partner The Publishers Association (PA) Publihser Relations Director Emma House and Project Representative Seonaid Macleod about the job descriptions and standards in the UK publishing, PA’s point of view regarding the standart building and publishing education/training.

In the first day in London, meetings were held with Publishing Training Centre Chief Executive Peter McKay, Kingston University Publishing Studies Associate Professor Alison Baverstock, Harper Collins Resourcing Director Stephanie Hall, Faber & Faber HR Executive Nigel Marsh and career planning company’s founder Suzanne Collier. In these meetings some major issues examined were the contents of the education/training programs, differences between university courses and in-house trainings, how to revise the programs, their effects to attract attention of high quality workforce to publishing as well as publishing houses’ organisational schemes, recruitment processes and their viewpoints regarding publishing education.

In the second day, the team was in Oxford to meet with the Oxford University Press (OUP) executives and Oxford Brookes University Publishing Studies program team. At the OUP, publisher Marc Gorzee and senior editor Charlotte Terrence talked about the department, principles and workflow, peculiar conditions of the ELT business and educational publishing. In Oxford Brookes University, the team was informed in detail about different program modules within the deparment, profile of the students and the current research results about the level of employment and different career paths of the graduates.

6In the last day in London, the project team met with Karina Luke, Executive Director of Book Industry Communication Ltd. (BIC) and learned about BIC’s missions, structure and major activities, how it mediates and communicates between different elements of publishing industry and the training programs they organize for publishing professionals with a focus on the book production chain.