Professions in Publishing Workshop was held on 1-2 October 2016 at Best Western Şile Gardens Hotel in Istanbul. Among the 60 participants including publishing house owners and executives, senior professionals, officers from related NGOs and public institutions, academics gathered to define professions in publishing sector in Turkey, make the first step towards defining the professional standards and qualifications.

At the opening, International Publishers Association President and Bloomsbury CEO Richard Charkin made a speech, moving from his own personal career to the meaning of education for him and his tips for publishers and publishing professionals for a successful career.

After opening speeches, the participants were divided into five according to major operational areas of publishing as management, production, editorial, sales-marketing and design and worked for 1,5 days in 3 sessions. Each working group prepared the basic definitions of the top most peculiar professions in their area. At the final session, in the light of working group presentations, a draft “Publishing Professions Map” was presented to the publishers. All the outputs will be compiled into a Workshop Final Report and be publicized to the participants and all publishing stakeholders in the following days.

Richard Charkin’s Speech Full Text