Oversees digital marketing operations, organizes operations in accordance with company policy and branding strategy.

Duties and responsibilities

1- Oversees management of publishing house/brand websites and social media accounts.

2- Adapts corporate identity to the new developments and trends in digital marketing.

3- Oversees advertising, communication and meetings with digital media companies.

4- Oversees communication with bloggers and social media users.

5- Plans digital media campaigns, prepares campaign budges and executes operations.

6- Checks legal regulations before sending digital ads through e-mail or text message.

7- Plans and executes SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) operations to increase the number of visitor and users of corporate websites.

8- Periodically reports search engine optimizations using reporting tools.

9- Prepares or oversees the preparation of cost and performance reports about digital advertisement campaigns.

10- Develops and updates digital sales strategies by report results.