Oversees fair organizations at home or abroad for sale and publicity.


Duties and responsibilities

1- Locates and chooses fairs within the framework of company sale policy, prepares cost, agenda and budget reports for approval of the manager.

2- Makes contracts with the fair organization and manages relations.

3- Oversees stand design and production process and ensures that the best stand to represent the company will be prepared.

4- Chooses the personnel best suited to represent the company and organizes in-stand duties.

5- Decides or suggests books for the fair.

6- Organizes activities with activity personnel (if there is one).

7- Deciding on the special offers and books on sale in the fairs.

8- After a thorough analysis, informs sales representatives about the fair region, market conditions and effects of the fair on the region.

9- Reaches sale target in the fair, controls sales and stocks.

10- Informs managers about the complaints coming from the customers.