Danışma Toplantısı resimleri23-On 23-25 May, project team met with various publishing professionals in Turkish Publishers Association office at a set of consulting meetings. The first meeting got together professionals on copyright transfers from publishing houses and agencies, the key issues discussed were as follows:

  • Necessity of a copyright department or expert in every publishing house
  • The command of copyright professionals on the style of the publishing house
  • Key points to be considered regarding the different natures of the tasks for copyright acquisitions and sales
  • Importance of education/training of the copyright professionals by participating in international programs and events

Following 2 editor meetings nourished the following issues of discussion:

  • The ambiguity about the distinctiveness of editing, proofreading and copyediting jobs, necessity of clarification
  • Necessity for each publishing house to employ one or more copyeditors for high-quality content
  • Editors losing independence in their choices because of rising competitivess in the book market
  • Necessity for trainings targeting young professionals and apprenticeships, especially for editing and other content creation tasks

Major issues that rose during translators meeting were as follows:

  • Necessity for contracting the translator for every translation task
  • Importance of tranlators and the editing professionals agreeing on the major terms of their joint work processes
  • Clearness of the contract details on the issues such as publication dates, payment dates and conditions, number of revisions required from the translator and changes allowed to the editor.