Professions in Publishing is a project carried out by the Turkish Publishers Association with its partner The Publishers Association (PA) with the support of the European Publishers Federation (FEP), the German educational organization mediacampus Frankfurt and Norwegian Publishers Association. The project has been granted under the EU-Turkey Civil Society Dialogue Between Grant Program. The project started on February 15, 2016 and will last 15 months.

During the project, several visits will be made; to the public institutions in Ankara and Brussels, to the offices of the PA and the associates in order to overview the progress together and meet with educational institutions and experts in their territories, and to  the European Training Foundation (ETF) to grasp its structure, functioning and works focusing on the candidate countries. Another major step of the project is the organization of an assembly and formation of working groups. The Assembly will gather together publishing stakeholders to work on professions related to publishing, clarify main subject areas and define working groups to carry out several meetings and intensively work on each spesified area.

At the final phase of the project, a Booklet will be written to review the information and experiences transferred from the EU units, the partner and associates as well as the outputs of the Assembly and working group meetings. This Booklet will depict the current view of publishing sector in Turkey regarding the key professions, their standards and qualifications.

Turkish Publishers Association

Founded in 1985 by publishers and publishing distributors in Istanbul, Turkish Publishers Association is the oldest active professional organization working for the development of the publishing sector. Currently having more than 320 members, the Association represents Turkey in the international arena as a member of the International Publishers Association.

Among the founding missions of TPA are to improve the publishing profession, to increase publications quality, to produce solutions to professional problems, to work towards cultural, literary and artistic improvement of Turkey and its becoming one of the major international publishing centers. To achieve these, Turkish Publishers Association organizes biannual Turkey Publishing Assemblies to create space for discussion among the stakeholders around the hot topic of the publishing agenda. TPA makes lobbying and collaborations with relevant public institutions to contribute economic development of the sector. It is involved in the organization of TÜYAP book fair in 6 cities and in the National Organization Committee that arranges national participation of Turkey to international book fairs.

The Publishers Association (PA)

The Publishers Association (PA) is the leading representative voice for books, journal, audio and electronic publishers in the UK.  The PA has over 100 companies in membership who publish academic journals, text books for higher, secondary and primary education, fiction, non-fiction, children’s and learning resources. The PA’s role is to support publishers in their political, media and industry stakeholder communications. The PA works closely with publishing education partners and other creative industry bodies to ensure that professional standards are consistent with the needs of the UK publishing workforce.


mediacampus frankfurt was founded in 1946 in Cologne and moved to Frankfurt in 1962, a city with long tradition of commerce and famous for its book fair. It is a subsidiary and the main educational institution of the German Publishers and Booksellers Association (Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels).

Among its aims are creating close networks and contacts in all renowned corporations of the book industry – from publishers to booksellers, supporting international exchange and networks of young professionals and experts, bringing together publishers, booksellers and service providers with their target groups. To ensure development of know-how, soft and social skills, mediacampusfrankfurt prepares professional education, advanced trainings, educational services. It has become the central institution of further education in the publishing industry, offering a broad choice of vocational classes, BA programs, professional courses, seminars and workshops targeting apprentices, job starters, young professionals, career changers, future executives, professionals, as well as lateral entrants.

Monika Kolb-Klausch, Managing Director of mediacampus frankfurt is also the Director of Education with the German Publishers and Booksellers Association and her two offices guarantee a close network between the German Publishers and Booksellers Association and mediacampus frankfurt, based on interexchange and cooperation.

In this project, mediacampus frankfurt will be sharing its experience and know-how with TPA on the field of professional standards and qualifications. It will contribute to the organization of the Frankfurt Visit and appointments with key CSOs including the German Publishers Association and other public institutions as well as the content of the final Booklet.


The Federation of European Publishers (FEP), located in Brussels, is an independent, non-commercial umbrella association of book publishers associations in the EU. FEP represents 28 national associations of book publishers of the EU and of the European Economic Area. It is the voice of the great majority of publishers in Europe. FEP deals with European legislation and advises publishers’ associations on copyright and other legislative issues. FEP executes various EU projects on the issues such as copyright and availability of e-resources, orphan works, literacy, technology and innovation etc.

In this project, FEP will meet with TPA exchange their know-how about the EU policies related to publishing, their implication to the publishing industries in EU level and for candidate countries, with a focus of European Qualifications Framework and related recent developments within the EU. FEP will also support TPA in the content development of the final Booklet.


The Norwegian Publishers Association (NPA) located in Oslo is a trade organization for publishers. Its members represent approx. 85 % of the sales from publishers to booksellers in the country. It manages joint market ventures, provide statistics, offer standard contracts and provide service for its publisher members. It is dedicated to increase respect for copyright, also by strengthening the publishers’ copyright position, strengthen and develop the position of literature in Norway, and defend and strengthen the publishers’ position and take care of their professional and financial interests.

In this project, NPA will share its experience and know-how with TPA on the field of professional standards and qualifications. NPA will contribute to the communication of TPA with the key CSOs and public institutions in the field of professional standards and qualifications and the content of the final Booklet.

Project Team